Lindsay Turpen

Balancing school and other responsibilities

All students have complex lives, and work to fulfill multiple roles and responsibilities, often both on and off campus. In fact, managing time and energy is a skill unto itself! Nontraditional students often must also "step back, to some extent, from their regular life" outside of academics, says Lindsay. In her case, she has embraced the challenge of fulfilling her responsibilities to academics, her special needs son, the Cox Access Scholars Program, and her own health challenges.

"It’s a constant challenge," but, with help from her own mother and others in her life, Lindsay has made it work. At the same time, she is glad not to feel the social pressures of being a traditional undergraduate, and grateful to have a good understanding of her career path.

"I feel like I enjoy the learning so much more than when I was younger!"

Some advice, in Lindsay's own words

"Despite many challenges, I have come to believe that returning to complete my degree was one of the best decisions I could have made. It is a mountain to climb, no doubt, but beneath it all is an undercurrent of being in the right place in time.  I want to teach my son that through education – first our own, and then by sharing it with others – even one person can effect change in the world. This is why I am fighting so passionately to complete my education. I want to be one of the 'caring few' that world-renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead was referring to when she said, 'Never doubt that a few caring people can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.'"

Around campus

Favorite place to study

"The quiet floors at the Wells Library."

Favorite campus eatery

"Cyclone Salads at the IMU."

Favorite IU tradition

"Walking the red brick paths through the Old Crescent."