If your circumstances or academic plans have changed, a Students In Transition advisor may be able to help you investigate and identify solutions that make the most sense for your particular background and goals. Our conversations with students routinely include factors such as academics, personal situations, degree and career aspirations, and other conditions that can impact your progress. In certain cases, SIT can serve as a transitional academic home when a student re-enters the university or moves from one degree to another.

Our core mission is to help students who find themselves in circumstances that fall outside of or in between services typically provided by other University offices.

New to SIT?

Tell us about yourself so we can better assist you with your degree planning.

Already communicated with SIT, or met with one of us?

If you DO have an active IU username and password and have met or corresponded with an SIT advisor, you can schedule additional appointments through SAS, the online Student Appointment Scheduler. Follow the prompts to find your SIT advisor.

If you do NOT have an active IU user account, but have met or corresponded with an SIT advisor, call (812) 856-4026 to schedule additional appointments.

In either case, please indicate if you are making a Phone Appointment, and if so, call (812) 856-4026 at your scheduled time. In-Person Appointments, please check-in at Wells Library 002.

Here's how we can help!

  • "I changed my mind."
    You want to change majors, but doing so involves transitioning from one IUB school/degree program to another.
  • "I've been dismissed. Help!"
    You need guidance, or perhaps even a transitional academic home, after academic dismissal.
  • "I've been out for a while, and need to finish my degree."
    You are returning to complete a degree after a long hiatus, and were either never admitted to your major, or were admitted but want to change majors.
  • "I served my country."
    You are military affiliated and would like guidance in making the most of your GI Bill funding, while also maximizing your academic and co-curricular experiences.
  • "This is really scary. I'm confused."
    You feel you could simply benefit from additional feedback as you take the first steps in your transition into (or back into) the IUB culture and community, or as you move between degree programs.Conversation topics could include harnessing the transferable skills you developed through work, military service, or other experience; or preparing for the expectations and complexities of IU degree programs‚ and policies.
  • "You are never going to believe this...!"
    An unusual situation is impacting your progress, and you want to run it by someone.