Extended-X Policy

Removing a grade from your cumulative GPA

The Extended-X policy is sometimes referred to as the "X" policy or the "Grade Replacement" or the "GPA Re-Calculation" policy. In brief, eligible students can use the Extended-X policy to remove a grade from the calculation of the IU cumulative GPA. Under this policy, the grade is not removed from the IU transcript; instead, an X is placed next to the initial grade on the transcript.

If you are considering retaking a course and Xing a previous grade, consult with your assigned Students in Transition Academic Advisor before enrolling to retake the course and petitioning to apply the Extended-X policy. Although there is not a filing deadline, it is best practice to submit your petition before finals week.

*A special note to students on academic probation: It is important that you file the extended X before the end of the semester as it could affect your academic standing.

For more information on the policy read the official Extended-X policy statements provided on the website of the Office of the Registrar.